The Danger of Holding CHAPTER Can Frequently Set Off Dangerous Illnesses!

The Danger of Holding CHAPTER Can Frequently Set Off Dangerous Illnesses!

Maybe you have held your bowel movements (BAB) for some reason, either because of the unavailability of a toilet or because the conditions and time did not allow it. In fact, the result of holding defecation is dangerous for health, you know! It will be more risky if you often face this condition.

Dangers of holding defecation for health

Holding bowel movements too often is not good because it causes several bad effects on health. Here are the consequences of holding bowel movements that are important for you to avoid:

1. Constipation

This one health problem may be very common and experienced by many people because of a lack of consumption of fiber-rich foods. Apparently, the danger of holding bowel movements can also cause constipation. Stool that is held to come out will accumulate in the large intestine, and as a result, the feces will harden. As a result of this constipation, you have to use extra energy to be able to remove feces from the stomach.

2. Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids occur from constipation. The habit of delaying bowel movements for too long will cause hemorrhoids. As you know, hemorrhoids can cause discomfort and even pain in the anus, so they can interfere with daily activities.

3. Bowel obstruction

Hardening of the faeces in the intestines due to holding bowel movements too often will cause intestinal obstruction. This disease will usually interfere with the digestive tract because food and fluids cannot be digested properly. This condition can also be caused by a combination of intestinal adhesions, colon cancer, and hernias.

4. Colon cancer

The disease that will arise as a result of holding bowel movements too often is colon cancer. This is because the feces that have been retained in the intestine for a long time are in contact with the surface cells of the large intestine. This disease is quite dangerous, so you must immediately take treatment at the hospital.

5. Complications

The danger of holding bowel movements causes feces to harden and accumulate This practice can cause circulation difficulties, cardiac troubles, and cramping in the most extreme circumstances. This problem is more common in the elderly or those who do not move or exercise frequently, particularly those using opioid drugs. If the condition is severe and does not get immediate treatment, it is likely that it will lead to death.

6. Anal fissure

The more often you hold bowel movements, the more difficult it will be for you to defecate. This behavior can lead to anal fissures, minor rips, and ulcers in the anal canal’s thin, wet tissue (mucosa). This disorder produces minor bleeding as a result of difficulty defecating or firm stools. You may also be prone to spasms in the muscular ring at the end of the anus (anal sphincter). In certain cases, anal fissures may necessitate medicine or even surgery.

7. Fecal impaction

Accumulation of feces in the digestive tract due to holding bowel movements can also cause fecal impaction.Fecal impaction is a serious intestinal illness in which hard, dry feces become lodged in the colon or rectum, according to Medical News Today. This immobile stool will obstruct digestion and lead to buildup. Fecal impaction can cause significant harm if left untreated. If you have any of the signs of fecal impaction, you should consult a doctor very soon.

8. Bacterial infection

The danger of holding bowel movements too often will be the harder the feces that accumulate in the large intestine. Because of the feces buildup, digestion is unable to eliminate poisons. As previously stated, an anal fissure or rip in the anal canal is susceptible to bacterial infection as a result of fecal contamination.

The accumulation of feces is also at risk of infecting the intestines because of the toxins that accumulate in the digestive tract. The gut becomes inflamed as a result.

9. Prolapse of the rectal area

The rectum is the final segment of the large intestine that terminates at the anus, according to WebMD. The rectum extends from the anus and becomes constipated over time as a result of holding onto bowel movements. Sometimes the rectum protrudes only partially.

Rectal prolapse can be painful and cause bleeding. It can sometimes be difficult to tell whether you have rectal prolapse or hemorrhoids, as both conditions cause the rectum to protrude from the anus, but they are different.

10. Megarectum

The danger of holding your next bowel movement can lead to a condition known as megarectum, in which the rectum enlarges as a result of chronic constipation.

Treatment of this condition usually uses daily laxatives, but surgery may be required in certain cases.

11. Risk of death

If stool spills into the abdominal cavity, the bacteria can cause severe and even life-threatening symptoms.

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