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Mercury Cosmetics: Side Effects of Using Mercury-Containing Cosmetics – Mercury is one of the active ingredients in skincare that is prohibited from being used because it is harmful to health. These products are usually peddled with tempting lures, such as being able to brighten the face in a short time, make skin youthful, to get rid of acne. Citing the WHO, […]

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How to get rid of acne scars for 3 days quickly and safely – How to get rid of acne scars naturally? Of course, this problem has been a burden on the mind for anyone who has problems with acne. Because acne scars can make the skin look less smooth. There are many ways to get rid of acne scars naturally that you can try. One […]

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Acne Medicine, blackheads, acne scars heal very quickly – Vitacid is indicated to remove blackheads, remove acne, and disguise acne scars. Definition Vitacid is an external medicinal preparation produced by Surya Dermato Medica Lab. This drug contains retinoic acid which is indicated for removing blackheads, removing acne, and fading acne scars. Benefits of Vitacid Because it contains tretinoin, vitacid is a type […]

acne healthy

Turns Out This Habit Accelerates The Healing Of Acne

  What is understood by acne? –  Acne sometimes known as vulgar acne (AV), is a pylosebaceous gland inflammatory illness characterized by comedones, papules, cysts, and pustules. Acne is commonly found on the face, shoulders, upper arms, chest, and back of the body. Who would have thought this habit turned out to accelerate and relieve […]