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The Danger of Holding CHAPTER Can Frequently Set Off Dangerous Illnesses!

Maybe you have held your bowel movements (BAB) for some reason, either because of the unavailability of a toilet or because the conditions and time did not allow it. In fact, the result of holding defecation is dangerous for health, you know! It will be more risky if you often face this condition. Dangers of […]

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What can I drink to last longer in bed naturally? – Here’s a drink concoction to last longer

Some men take natural strong drugs to chemical drugs to improve performance and stamina in bed. These various natural tonics have been widely studied for their ability to affect sexual health conditions. Taking natural strong drugs can be one way to keep your sexual relationship with your partner burning. In addition to helping increase libido, […]

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What happens during a ejaculation? Premature Ejaculation: Causes, Symptoms, Preventive Treatment

Ejaculation is the process by which sperm is expelled from the body. PE happens when a man’s or his partner’s ejaculation occurs earlier than desired during intercourse. Premature climax, rapid ejaculation, and early ejaculation are all terms for PE. PE might not be a cause for concern.   What happens during a ejaculation?   At […]


7 Ways to Stop Masturbation Addiction (Men and Women)

Masturbation is a sexual activity carried out by men and women by stimulating their own genitals to get satisfaction. There are various views regarding masturbation, including according to Islamic law. Effects of Too Often Masturbation why? Masturbation can affect a person’s mood for the better. If done excessively, the effects of masturbation can trigger many […]


WHO Green Tea: Benefits Nutrition Contained in Green Tea

  piyolkocrot.com – The health benefits of green tea have been believed for a long time. In fact, green tea is touted as one of the healthiest beverages in the world and is believed to be able to prevent various types of diseases. Not only that, there are many other benefits of green tea that […]

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WHO Hair Loss : Here’s a Natural Way to Overcome Hair Loss Safely

  piyolkocrot.com – Hair loss can occur as a result of heredity, hormonal changes, to medical conditions, part of aging or as a result of treatment being undertaken by the sufferer. If it occurs in excess, hair loss on the head can trigger baldness. Hair loss is a common condition. In 1 day, normally there […]

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WHO Asthma : 7 Ways to Overcome Asthma Sudden Recurrence Without Inhalers

  piyolkocrot.com – Asthma is a chronic disease of the respiratory tract characterized by shortness of breath due to inflammation and narrowing of the airways. Asthma can be mild or it can interfere with daily activities. In some cases, this condition can lead to life-threatening attacks. Asthma can cause difficulty breathing, chest pain, coughing, and […]


Is it dangerous to have chest pain after drinking soda, a sign of danger?

piyolkocrot.com – Fizzy drinks are really quite refreshing to drink at any time, especially when the air temperature is fairly high. The issue is that we occasionally get unpleasant feelings and chest ache after taking it. Is this a potential health risk? Causes of chest pain sensation after drinking soda Soft drinks are defined by […]

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Mercury Cosmetics: Side Effects of Using Mercury-Containing Cosmetics

  piyolkocrot.com – Mercury is one of the active ingredients in skincare that is prohibited from being used because it is harmful to health. These products are usually peddled with tempting lures, such as being able to brighten the face in a short time, make skin youthful, to get rid of acne. Citing the WHO, […]


Folaplus: Benefits, Dosage, Side Effects

piyolkocrot.com – Folaplus is a supplement containing folic acid and vitamin B complex. This supplement is used to meet the needs of vitamins during pregnancy. Medicinal Ingredients: Folic Acid, Vitamin B6 Medicinal Benefits: Meet the nutrition of pregnant women Drug Class: Supplements What drug folaplus? Folaplus is a supplement containing folic acid and vitamin B […]