7 Ways to Stop Masturbation Addiction (Men and Women)

7 Ways to Stop Masturbation Addiction (Men and Women)

Masturbation is a sexual activity carried out by men and women by stimulating their own genitals to get satisfaction. There are various views regarding masturbation, including according to Islamic law.

Effects of Too Often Masturbation


Masturbation can affect a person’s mood for the better. If done excessively, the effects of masturbation can trigger many harmful things both physically and mentally. Someone who masturbates excessively, both men and women can experience the following things.

Difficulty focusing on job. A person suffering from this illness will have sexual thoughts. If this condition persists, productivity will most certainly suffer.

The body will be weak and someone will be too lethargic to accomplish anything. They will also spend more time in the room rather than going out to socialize.

Began to experience addiction to pornography. It is undeniable that someone who often masturbates excessively usually often watches pornographic videos or sees pictures.

His sexual life may be jeopardized. Because someone will become accustomed to having sex alone. If they have sex, they are also preoccupied with performing something similar to what is seen in the video, despite the fact that not everyone is capable of doing so.

The capacity to have sex will suffer a decline in both the ability to receive stimulation and the ability to have an orgasm.

How to Stop Masturbation Addiction

If you feel you are masturbating excessively and it’s hard to stop it, it’s a good idea to do a few things to be able to avoid it. Thus, you can reduce the frequency of masturbation and can live a normal life.

Here’s how to stop masturbation addiction for men and women:

Avoid masturbation triggers

The first thing that must be considered well by those who want to stop the habit of excessive masturbation is to avoid the trigger. Everyone has different triggers. If the trigger can not be avoided properly, the chances of stopping masturbation will be small.

Pornography is one of the most effective masturbation triggers. If someone is exposed to pornography, they are likely to masturbate. Particularly when pornography in the form of movies or photographs is widely available via mobile phones. Avoid numerous triggers, particularly pornography, if you wish to quit masturbating excessively.

Do more sports

Masturbation is caused by having too much idle time that is not utilized appropriately. Finally, the mind is more preoccupied with pornography and other such things. If a person engages in greater physical activity that depletes energy, such as sports, the desire to masturbate decreases.

Exercise at least three times a week, if not every day. The desire to masturbate excessively is easily overcome. Walking, jogging, or exercising in the fitness center using some of the provided equipment or machines are just a few of the activities available.

More hobbies

A hobby can help you overcome your masturbation addiction. The advantage is that your focus and energy will be diverted to more beneficial activities. You can relax soundly without thinking about masturbation if you are exhausted and content with your activity.

Lots of socializing

One of the signs of those who love to masturbate is rarely do socialization. They tend to be more in the house or room. Psychiatric disorders such as anxiety and the like can also occur and cause a person to be afraid to meet people.

Another reason why people stay indoors more is that it makes it easier for them to masturbate. By not being outside, masturbation can be done anytime without any disturbance.

Seeking help

If you believe you cannot address your masturbation addiction problem on your own, it is a good idea to seek professional assistance. Consultation with a doctor or sexologist is the best option. Someone who is addicted to masturbation will be encouraged to recognize the problem and then gradually learn how to overcome it with their assistance.

Join the support group

It is undeniable that various ways to stop masturbation addiction can be easily found. Unfortunately, some people have a hard time accepting that because they need a more concrete example. In addition, they also need what opinions or reviews from other people.

They masturbate excessively and it’s hard to stop them from joining a support group. This group will give each other more practical information because it is done directly by many people. In addition, encouraging each other with the same problem will make the sufferer so enthusiastic to overcome the disorder experienced.

Ask your partner for help

One of the most common mistakes that married people make is failing to be honest with their partners. After marriage, however, everything, even the masturbating issue, may be adequately handled. If you often have masturbation addiction, chances are your sexual activity with your spouse will be affected as well.

Discuss this problem with your partner so that they can find a solution together. Usually couples are often embarrassed or reluctant to say it because they do not want to see their partner disappointed. In fact, if this sex problem is left unchecked, big problems can arise in the future.

These are some simple ways to overcome a masturbation addiction. Masturbation can be beneficial, especially for persons who frequently encounter mood or mental disorders. However, if done excessively, it can have a variety of consequences, including a drop in productivity.

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